Chrome Plated Bars

We are suppliers of rectified chrome plated bars to manufacture rods for hydraulic cylinders (jacks).

We offer a wide range of chromed steel bars in  Ck45 (F114), 20MnV6, 42CrMo4V (F125) steel, Tempered, in AISI 304, AISI 431 and AISI 329 stainless steel with  ISO F8 quality up to Ø 17 mm and ISO F7 for diameters from 18mm to 350 mm and more.

These bars are perfect to manufacture hydraulic cylinders with the highest international standards.


Chromed bars

Chromed bars



We handle a wide range of sizes in millimeters and inches.

We sell chromed bar cutted to the length best suits your needs to manufacture your hydraulic jacks.

With us you do not have to buy a whole 6 or 7 meters long bar, just buy the length you need, we will cut it and send it to wherever you are, all over Europe. Contact us now and we will send a budget as soon as possible.

OD (mm)OD (inch)Tol. ODWeight (kg/m) 
4f80.1Get Budget
5f80.15Get Budget
6f80.22Buy Now
8f80.39Buy Now
9f80.5Get Budget
10f80.62Buy Now
11f80.75Get Budget
12f80.89Buy Now
12.71/2”f80.99Buy Now
14f81.21Buy Now
15f81.39Buy Now
15.8755/8”f81.55Buy Now
16f81.58Buy Now
17f81.78Buy Now
18f72Buy Now
19.053/4”f72.24Buy Now
20f72.47Buy Now
22f72.98Buy Now
22.2257/8˝f73.05Get Budget
23f73.26Get Budget
24f73.55Buy Now
25f73.85Buy Now
25.15f73.9Get Budget
25.41”f73.98Buy Now
26f74.17Buy Now
26.991 1/16”f74.49Get Budget
28f74.83Buy Now
28.5751 1/8”f75.03Buy Now
30f75.55Buy Now
31.751 1/4”f76.22Buy Now
32f76.31Buy Now
33f76.71Get Budget
34f77.13Get Budget
34.9251 3/8”f77.52Buy Now
35f77.55Buy Now
36f77.99Buy Now
37f78.44Get Budget
38f78.9Buy Now
38.11 1/2”f78.95Buy Now
40f79.86Buy Now
41.271 5/8"f710.5Buy Now
42f710.88Buy Now
43f711.4Get Budget
44f711.94Get Budget
44.451 3/4”f712.18Buy Now
45f712.48Buy Now
46f713.05Get Budget
47f713.62Get Budget
47.621 7/8"f715.4Buy Now
48f714.21Get Budget
50f715.41Buy Now
50.82”f715.91Buy Now
52f716.67Get Budget
53.9752 1/8”f717.96Get Budget
54f717.98Get Budget
55f718.65Buy Now
56f719.33Buy Now
57.152 1/4”f720.14Buy Now
58f720.74Get Budget
60f722.2Buy Now
60.3252 3/8”f722.44Get Budget
63f724.47Buy Now
63.52 1/2”f724.86Buy Now
65f726.05Buy Now
68f728.51Get Budget
69.852 3/4”f730.08Buy Now
70f730.21Buy Now
75f734.68Buy Now
76.23”f735.8Buy Now
77f736.55Get Budget
80f739.46Buy Now
82.553 1/4”f742.01Buy Now
85f744.54Buy Now
88.93 1/2”f748.73Buy Now
90f749.94Buy Now
95f755.64Buy Now
95.253 3/4”f755.94Get Budget
100f761.65Buy Now
101.64”f763.64Buy Now
105f767.97Buy Now
106f769.27Get Budget
107.954 1/4”f771.85Get Budget
110f774.6Buy Now
114.34 1/2”f780.55Buy Now
115f781.54Buy Now
120f788.78Buy Now
120.65f789.75Get Budget
125f796.33Buy Now
1275”f799.44Buy Now
130f7104.19Buy Now
135f7112.36Get Budget
139.75 1/2”f7120.32Get Budget
140f7120.84Buy Now
145f7129.63Get Budget
146.05f7131.51Get Budget
150f7138.72Buy Now
160f7157.83Buy Now
165f7167.85Get Budget
170f7178.18Get Budget
177.8f7194.91Get Budget
180f7199.76Get Budget
190f7222.57Get Budget
200f7246.62Get Budget
203.28”f7254.57Get Budget
210f7271.89Get Budget
220f7298.4Get Budget
225f7312.12Get Budget
240f7355.13Get Budget
250f7385.34Get Budget
280f7483.37Get Budget
300f7554.88Get Budget
320f7631.33Get Budget
350f7755.26Get Budget


Guaranteed Products

In Provectus Hydraulica we guarantee a product of the highest quality. We offer a warranty of 1 year and a half (18 months) on any product you buy from us. We only sell original and new products, this allows us to ensure the smooth functioning, provided they have been used correctly.



If you are visiting us from Mexico, we offer all our products through our company Bufete Systems SA de CV, visit the website or contact directly by dialing (+52) 55 56 51 63 66.





We work with the best manufacturers of chromed bar (cylinder rods) and honed tube in the world.

Our products are imported from the mills with higher quality, so we can ensure that all our steel suppliers meet the most strict standards and methods of quality.

We want to be sure that the material we sell and offer our customers is always the best


All our suppliers must comply with ISO certifications that ensure reliable manufacturing process and quality.