Nachi – Industrial Hydraulics

Nachi is the leading brand in Japan and with a presence throughout the world in the manufacture of hydraulic solenoid valves, modular hydraulic valves, variable displacement vane pumps, gear pumps, compact high-pressure hydraulic groups, among others.

Directional control valve NG6 and NG10 (CETOP 3 and 5)

Directional control valves

Nachi Hydraulics manufactures and distributes single and double solenoid directional control valves worldwide with all possible configurations.

Its directional control valves are of the highest quality, competing with valves from the best brands in the world such as Vickers, Parker and Rexroth, among others.

Modular ressure reducer valve NG6 and NG10

Modular Valve NG6 and NG10

Nachi has a wide line of modular fluid control valve such as:

  • Flow regulators.
  • Relief valves.
  • Pressure reducer valves.
  • Single and double check valves
  • etc…
Variable displacement vane pumps

Nachi variable displacement vane pump

These hydraulic pumps are incredibly efficient and robust. They allow the system to be able to work with a higher flow or higher pressure according to the needs that arise since they adapt to the working pressure.

When the system requires more pressure, the pump automatically decreases the flow and increases the pressure and the same vice versa.

Motor-pump Assembly

Nachi Motor-Pump Assembly

In this case, Nachi has attached the hydraulic pump to the electric motor without the need for a coupling bell or elastic coupling.

This allows the hydraulic pumps to be directly coupled to the electric motor and thus have a more compact system.

Variable displacement hydraulic pumps are generally coupled.

Hydraulic Piston Pumps

Low noise and pulsation variable flow hydraulic piston pumps.

They are highly efficient hydraulic pumps, of unbeatable quality, very robust and with a long life time.

Thanks to the pressure compensator, they can be mounted on hydraulic groups with motors with lower horsepower than fixed displacement pumps.

There are two types of piston pumps:

  • PVS Series pumps with a maximum pressure of 210 bar
  • PZH Series pumps with a maximum pressure of 350 bar
Nachi IPH and IPS Gear Pump

Gear pumps IPH and IPS

These Nachi hydraulic gear pumps are pumps manufactured with the greatest possible precision and with the highest quality components. Completely reliable and robust. Prepared to work in the most extreme environments.

They all reach a working pressure of 300 bar and their displacements vary from 3.6 cc/rev to 125.9 cc/rev rotating at a speed between 600 and 2000 rpm.

This translates into flows from 5.4 to 188.85 L/min working at 1500 rpm.

Hydraulic Power Unit NSP Series

NSP Hydraulic Power Units

Nachi’s NSP hydraulic power units are compact, light and energy saving. They use their motor-pump assembly and have a supreme quality, which is why they are completely reliable, have a working life much larger than other competing equipments and can be configured in different ways.

  • Up to 2.2 Kw (3 Cv).
  • Variable displacement vane pump.
  • Maximum pressure: 80 bar.
  • Maximum flow: 26 cc/rev.
  • 30/40 L tank.

About Nachi

Nachi Fujikoshi Corp is a Japanese company founded in Toyama (Japan) in 1928 by Kohki Imura who named it Fujikoshi to make sense of his personal belief that self-sufficiency in machinery production was essential for Japan’s economic prosperity. .
The Nachi brand comes from “Kumano-Nachi-Taisah” the Grand Shrine of Japanese origin. It expresses a strong entrepreneurial will.

The first hydraulic vane pump manufactured by Nachi was in the year 1943. Since then, due to its high quality and continuous development of technology, Nachi has secured an important part of the international hydraulic equipment market.

Nachi valves ensure that ship crews are safe thanks to their impeccable work deploying lifeboats, to road tunnel boring machines and deep drainage systems.

Nachi is synonymous with quality, contributing to making human life more comfortable and convenient.

That is why we trust them and work hand in hand to bring their products.