Our History

Provectus Hydraulica begins in the year 2011, formed by a group of highly skilled people with great experience of over 10 years in the market of engineering of fluids, including both the Oleo-Hydraulic Engineering and Pneumatic engineering.


Our beginnings are in Mexico City, where our sister Firm “Bufete de sistemas SA de CV” (www.bufetedesistemas.com) began its operations in 1970, establishing itself as a leader in the field of fluid mechanics. That’s where our founder and CEO Santiago Ibáñez Valles started to forge the idea of ​​the constitution of Provectus Hydraulica SL in Spain, and so extending the business to the European continent.

In Provectus Hydraulica we have realized the great need that exists throughout the national market of experts and experienced consultants in the field of hydraulics and pneumatics.

Our goal is to help our clients, offering both technical advisory service and products of the highest quality, exceeding the usual lifetime of any product on the market. Plus, we always offer the best solution at the lowest price.

In Europe we have obtained a great success because of years of work experience in the field, what has allowed us to offer our customers a range of solutions and solutions fully in line with their needs and at a reduced cost. This way it has been obtained a great customer base and a market positioning at the highest level.

Provectus Hydraulica intends to position itself as the largest engineering consultant in Oleo-Hydraulic and Pneumatic field, as well as becoming the largest distributor of hydraulic and pneumatic parts of Spain, through a strong online presence strategy through both this website and our online store www.provectus.es.