High Pressure Valves


We work with high pressure hydraulic valves of all kinds: directional valves, relief valves (safety valves), check valves, non-return piloted valves, flow control valves, needle valves, sequence valves, counterbalance valves and many other types.



We handle a lot of brands on the market: Hydraulic HOF, Parker, Hawe, Gresen, Sun, Vickers, Prince, etc


High Pressure Valves

    • Pressure Relief Valve

      Pressure Relief Valve

      A pressure relief valve serves to prevent the system from exceeding its specific maximum pressure. Thus the system is protected and it prevents the pump or any part of the system to be damaged. We supplypiloted relief valves and simple relief valves.

      20 October, 2016
    • Flow Control Valve

      Flow Control Valve

      We offer all measures; they are extremely robust, have an undisputed quality and a long lifetime. They are ideal to limit the flow of any high-pressure hydraulic system

      20 October, 2016
    • Check Valves

      Check Valves

      Check valves are used to allow flow in one direction and lock it in the other direction, thus preventing the oil return. Our anti-return valves, also known as check valves are ideal because they have been made with highly durable materials, and forged to withstand high pressures in the toughest environments.

      20 October, 2016
    • Pilot Operated Check Valves

      Pilot Operated Check Valves

      There are two kinds of Pilot Operated Check Valves: In the first place there is the single Pilot Operated Valve which allows free flow in one direction an blocks into the other direction unless it has a pilot pressure that opens the way in that direction. In the second place there is the doble check pilot operated valve where both directions are blocked in one direction unless a pilot pressure is activated which opens the flow in the opossite direction.

      20 October, 2016
    • Solenoid Directional Control Valves

      Solenoid Directional Control Valves

      Weare supplierssolenoid directional control valves, with single and double solenoidand NG6 and NG10 positions. These valves are mounted on a base plate and connected to the pressure. Thanks to its solenoid, the inner spool is moved to the correct position thereby modifying the flow of oil. Flows of 60 L / min to 100 L / min, maximum pressure of 315 bar, NG6 (CETOP3) and NG10 (CETOP5) Ports: 3 or 4 depending on the configuration.

      20 October, 2016


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