Hydraulic Power Units


The hydraulic power units are the heart of any high-pressure hydraulic system. The hydraulic unit is responsible for giving the flow and pressure to the various hydraulic system components: hydraulic valves, hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic motors, etc. We offer the perfect hydraulic unit as we adapt to your needs. We will make all the necessary calculations to determine what is needed to make your application work exactly as you want.




– High pressure hydraulic pump
– Directional valve (solenoid or manual distributor)
– Electric motor/gasoline motor
– Coupling motor pump
– Oil tank
– Pressure meter (Manómetro)
– Magnetic starter
– Pressure starter (optional)
– Components according to your needs.

Hydraulic mini power plants usually operate with 12V or 24V hydraulic pumps. These systems are commonly used in mobile equipment such as trucks. The hydraulic mini power plant is responsible for providing hydraulic flow and pressure to hydraulic cylinders. That way they can raise and lower the loading platform.



The hydroelectric power plants are a bit larger systems, with a small tank. They can work at 110V, 220V, 330V or 480V. They can be monophasic or triphasic, the hydraulic pump can be of many sizes but usually this pumps does not pass, in this kind of units, from the 250 bar maximum pressure.



Finally there are hydraulic systems, that operate from 220V to 480V in monophasic or triphasic. The hydraulic power units or hydraulic units are custom designed and manufactured, so the components may vary. Contact us to request for a quote or more information of a power unit. We serve throughout Spain.


Guaranteed Products

In Provectus Hydraulica we guarantee a product of the highest quality. We offer a warranty of 1 year and a half (18 months) on any product you buy from us. We only sell original and new products, this allows us to ensure the smooth functioning, provided they have been used correctly.