Vacuum Pumps

We sell and repair vacuum pumps of the best brands. In addition, we advise you to choose the vacuum pump that best suits your needs, both utility and price.

We handle two brands of vacuum pumps mainly, Gardner Denver and Gast. Within these two brands you will find many specifications to suit your requirements, both in airflow and in vacuum level.

Bombas de vacio

 Among the applications in which you can use a vacuum pump are:
  • Movement of large crystals with vacuum
  • Suction of medical waste
  • Suction of human waste
  • Suction of liquids
  • Transport of materials
  • Cold boiling
  • Among many more
We offer you all the necessary advice to choose the vacuum pump that best suits your needs.Guaranteed Products
In Fluid Power España we guarantee a product of the best quality, therefore we offer a guarantee of 1 year and a half (18 months) on any product that you buy us. We only sell new products and use original parts for the repair of any equipment, which allows us to guarantee the proper functioning of the equipment, provided it has been used correctly.