Hydraulic motors


We are experts in both hydraulic motors: gear motors and orbital motors. Thanks to our extensive experience we are proud of having the best advice regarding hydraulic motors. We know almost any brand of both European and American market and we will help you to choose the engine that best suits your specific needs.


Hydraulic Motors


If you are looking for a hydraulic motor for heavy machinery of a specific brand, or you want to design a completely new application we will give you expert advice, and together we will offer you the hydraulic motor that best suits your needs.


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Guaranteed Products

In Provectus Hydraulica we guarantee a product of the highest quality. We offer a warranty of 1 year and a half (18 months) on any product you buy from us. We only sell original and new products, this allows us to ensure the smooth functioning, provided they have been used correctly.



A hydraulic gear motor is a rugged instrument. Visually it’s equal to a hydraulic pump, but its operation is completely the opposite. The pieces of fundamental hydraulic motors are:

  • Front cover
  • Back cover
  • Housing or body
  • Check rotation
  • Gears (two gears, one for the drive shaft and another one for the idler gear)
  • Friction bearings or bushings



  1. Just as in hydraulic pumps, hydraulic motors are machined on both sides according to customer specifications to allow entry and exit of oil.
  2. Bearings or bushings are introduced on the back and front cover.
  3. The housing and the front cover are then placed.
  4. Rotation checks are placed.
  5. When the engine has already been mounted we can connect the hydraulic high-pressure hoses.



Unlike pumps, motors receive their power from a hydraulic pump through a high pressure hose.



The oil creates pressure inside the pump and pushes the gears providing motion to the driveshaft and thus to the application to which it is connected, providing a torque proportional to the ratio of thickness of the gears and to the torque and pressure provided by the hydraulic pump.